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‘A father doesn’t tell you he loves you, he shows you!’

Growing up, Saturday morning was our Pho Day!

Almost 2 decades ago, every Saturday morning, if you walk into @phohoa.noodlesoup on Central, the fifth table on your right hand side, you’ll spot my daddy and his 3 kiddos! My daddy always got the rice plate with grilled pork chop and egg quiche, while my brother, sister, and I always got filet and meatball PHO! Actually Daddy’s favorite dish was the combination rice platter with everything on it, but it costed $3.75 more so he always got the cheaper one…we didn’t have much back then, we didn’t always get everything we wanted, but I know for sure our parents gave us the best of what they could afford.❤️

My dad was not much of a talker, so usually it just us 3 babbling, bickering , and fighting as we waited for our food. Mommy had never been to our Saturday Pho Day bc she always worked on Saturdays, it’s the busiest day at work so Mommy never had a Saturday off, unless Christmas landed on a Saturday…this year actually 😉

Every now and then, those Pho Saturday memories came rushing back and warmed up my soul….and I could still smell that savory, pipping hot bowl of phở tái bò viên. I think I’m in the mood for Pho Saturday today…even though it’s a Sunday 🥰

What was your favorite memory of your Dad growing up?

P.S My dad been on vacation in the past week, so I’ve been playing his many roles and wearing his many hats in the restaurant…and OMG…apparently life has been so relaxing at work for me bc of all the behind the scene works he did! Thank you Daddy, I know it’s weird for us to say ‘I love you’ to each other …and I know you’ll have that awkward smirk on you face when I do say it ….so here goes…I LOVE YOU and May this Father’s Day be one of the best yet bc you get to spend it with your favorite daughter…Bé-em!😅 (And No, Im not Bé-em🥹) !

P.S.S your parents may tell you they don’t have a favorite, but they do…I just know they do!🤣

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