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Courage to Pursue

*Please read the poem on 2nd pic*

We all cried a river as Jackie found the courage to read her poem out loud for the first time ever! It was a book launching event for ‘Kiss Papercuts Goodbye’— the untold stories of the Asian Women Pioneers of the past and present! We were going around the room sharing our stories and struggles as mothers, daughters, wives, and entrepreneurs ! Jackie was one of our guests, she loves writing…but in our Asian culture, writers and artists are considered as ‘starving careers’ according to our parents! So yes, in our Asian culture, you can be ‘anything’ you want as long as it’s a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer…and def not a writer or artist!

I didn’t just cried a river ..I think I cried 2 or even 3 rivers as I re-read her poem! Her words pierced right thru my fragile heart….and more than anything, I was crying happy tears bc of how beautiful this poem is, how talented Jackie is, and loved it even more that she was among her biggest cheerleaders when she had the courage to proudly read it out loud for the first time in public!

I hope all of us will have the courage to pursue what we love and feel passionate about …even if it just a side hustle or hobbie…don’t hide it, don’t run away from it! And yes, not everyone (esp our loved ones 🥲) will approve of what you do, but do it anyways! Live your wildest dreams so that our kids will find the courage to break this deeply rooted Asian generational trauma and live their best life doing what they love most!❤️🌈

Pic of Jackie and her father in Boston, MA 1980!

P.S Her father named her Quêhương (homeland) and her brother Việtnam! 🌈 In memories of the beloved homeland that he left behind many years ago❤️


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