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Everyone is a stranger until you talk to them

Egypt walked into Be-em like a Queen that day, certain people just naturally have that aura around them and that undeniably positive vibes!

The cool things that I’ve learned about Egypt on that random day:

1. Egypt and her siblings London and Asia! (Such awesome names! My daughter name is London too 😘).

2. We’ve both decided on our first encounter that we gonna name her future kids : Cairo and Nile — my kids are a piece of me, the water that runs thru my city and country. I think we got a lil teary just thinking and talking about it ! I need a poet to write Egypt a poem pronto about her Cairo and Nile please 🙏🏽🥰

3. Did you know- Kemet was the original name of Egypt, means ‘Black Land’!

Disclaimer: Egypt not an Egyptian…’I wish! maybe in my past life…perhaps I was Queen Cleopatra.’ —- I promise you she had that Queen Aura all around her 🤣🥰

We made a pact that day: 10 years from now, Egypt will bring Cairo and Nile by Be-em to see me! Stay tuned!😘


Oh you know, just another day at Be-em Asian Kitchen🥰 Life is so good, work is so great when you just never know who’s the next amazing human walking thru that door!💞

Much inspirations from the Humans of New York blog, we now have the Humans of Be-em version…sharing the many stories of our employees and customers. Tune in every Wednesday to see the humanity all around us💕


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