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Fail Trying

When you’re Asian, you can be ‘anything’ growing up….as long as it’s a Doctor, a Lawyer, or an Engineer!😅 My Asian friends, let me hear ya!🤣 I wanted to be a doctor too, daddy said doctors make good money, has a prestigious title, and job security! So, I spent 1/3 my life working toward ‘MY’ dream of being a doctor, but more than anything, I was doing it so that my parents would be proud of me.

And no, I didn’t become a doctor, but I did become a pharmacist, and it’s a Doctor of Pharmacy, that counts🤪! And I was a pharmacist for 14+ years before I stepped down and try out this entrepreneur life.

I feel like I spent half of my adult life ‘dreamless’, I was busy living my parents’ dream: a prestigious title, a big paycheck, and a stable job. So yes, my daddy was not too happy when I quit pharmacy to work at the restaurant. At first, he was giving me the hardest time, but mommy said he was just pushing my limits so that I would break and go back to pharmacy. But lucky for me, I inherited my mom’s stubbornness, so nope, the pharmacy chapter was closed and done. I’m here to write my next chapter and this time, right or wrong…it is MY choice and MY dream!

‘I’d rather fail in my dream than succeeding in someone else’s!’….even if that someone else is my parents. Life is too short, you blink a few times and you’ll be in your 60s, I can’t waste another 36 years ‘living someone’s else dream’….I refuse!

*If I succeed, thank you Buddha and the Universe! If I fail, it shall be a valuable lesson so when I’m ready to pick myself up and try again…I shall start with experiences this time around .And yes, I was scared, I had my moments of ‘maybe I should go back to pharmacy’, but I must push through bc 98% of our fears are in our head and prolly won’t even happen!

*To all my Asian sisters who dare to live YOUR dream as an entrepreneur, blogger, artist, life coach , author, or anything that’s not a Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer….I see you, I feel you, I AM you!🥰



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