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New Beginnings

Ayn was a flight attendant for many years, recently retired and about to move to Germany with her fiancé! And believe it or not , this will be her first international flight ever in her years as flight attendant and now as a normal passenger!

Ayn: I’m so worry about going thru custom!

Me: Why? Are you planning to carry something illegal! 🤣

Ayn: No! I’ve just never left the US before and just don’t know what to expect at custom! It sounds weird coming from a flight attendant…but I’m scared of custom!😢

Of all her flights over the years, her fav place of all time was Las Vegas! ‘I love dressing up and wearing high heels….everytime we flew to Vegas, as soon as we hit the ground, I’m in my high heels and living my best life!’

On her finale flight, she was in awe when we came off her terminal: her whole team and supervisors were standing there with banner and balloons to say their goodbye!🎈🥳🥰

It’s been fun flying all these years, but Ayn is ready to start a new chapter of her life in Germany! She’s in the process of packing …and so far, she has 40 boxes of shoes ! 🤣 And this is why I was drawn to Ayn on our first encounter … something about Ayn…it was def the shoes that brought us together!🤪 #shoesmates

P.S I have hundreds of pairs of shoes myself and my biggest world dilemma all day everyday is: I have nothing to wear!🤣 Only us women would understand how real and serious this struggle is!💔🤪


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