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Simple Compliments

‘Hey, I love your black and red look!’

I told Markayle that as I walked past him at Be-em! If you know me, I rarely hold back my compliments if I truly feel it …I read it somewhere that holding off a compliment is like wrapping up a gift and decided not to give it to that person!

It was late in the afternoon, the lunch rush was over, so I was about to head home when I saw Markayle had lunch at a nearby table! I came over and dropped off a few of Rambutans and said ‘hey, these fruits match your outfit! Black & Red. Would you like to try some?’

He was a bit reluctant at first, mind you, this is our first time meeting each other🤣. So, I bit one in half, ate it to prove to him that it’s edible and not poisonous 🤣🤪. It’s a tropical fruit …Rambutan…you can find them at the local Asian stores! I sometimes call it the ‘hairy ball’ fruit bc it’s hairy and a tad spikey🤣 Or if you look at it closely, it looks kinda like a Covid Virus too with all its spikes!

I showed Markayle to bite it in half, eat the fruit inside, but dont swallow jt whole bc there's a seed in the middle! And it didnt surprise me at all that he loved it…98.7% of the people who tried this fruit will love it! (haha yah, i made up that number!🤣)! But seriously, they're really yum and delis….in fact, so delis, Markayle asked for a few extras;)

I told Markayle I need to take a pic of him and his new favorite fruit to commemorate this big day! 🤪

Have you had a Rambutan before ?

P.S While chatting over some delis, exotic fruit, Markayle shared that he's a personal stylist….no wonder he dressed himself so well!;) You can find more of his work at @styledby_markayledeangelo in case you need a second set to eye to level up your style !;)



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