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The Mother of Be-Em

Updated: Jan 11

Meet THE MOTHER of Be-em’s, our Head Chef Dzung!

Every Monday, I feel like an orphan, motherless, no one cooked lunch nor reminded us to to eat. That’s because Monday is Dzung’s day off. I’m almost 97.3% sure that Dzung’s purpose on this earth was to cook, to bless this world with his talented cooking skills, and most importantly, to feed his ‘hangry children’ at work, the Be-Em Gang! It’s not an exaggeration to say that ‘Dzung single handedly raised and fed all of us at work!’ Everyday, while juggling his endless head chef duties, he would always make time to cook lunch for the entire staff! It’s a diff dish everyday, dishes that would take me 4 hours and $200 worth of ingredients later, Dzung can have it done in 30 minutes and prolly cost around $30 and would feed our whole Be-Em gang. My daily joys are taking pics of all these delis food And sending them to my brother and sister in my taunting text ‘another lunch at work…blahhh’🤣 And this godly man is so efficient in what he does that sometimes your hibachi is cooked and ready before you even have a chance to sit down at your table! Have this happened to you before ?;)

And Is this true or is it true that 99.9% (the 0.1% are newbies who just started work last week🤣) of the restaurant staffs everywhere cannot or wouldn’t want to eat the restaurant’s food! It’s not bc it’s not good, but it’s bc you get sick of the smell days in and days out! As ironic as it sounds, our daily world dilemma at the restaurant is ‘there’s nothing to eat!’ 🤣

“I feel like an orphan, motherless, no one cooked lunch nor reminded us to to eat.”

If cooking was his mission in life, then rock music is Dzung’s life passion! Our kitchen is always filled with music, when our internet is down and our Bluetooth doesn’t work next time, if you listen hard enough, you might hear Dzung and his ‘boys’ duet and sang their heart out to one of their fav songs ‘Em Dung Di’ (Baby, don’t go!’)! When I first started,I was a bit annoyed with listening to this same song on repeat all day, especially during dinner rush, my poor heart was trying to sync with this fast-paced techno song! 🥲 And now, I sing it in my shower, hum it in my car, and even sing along with them…during our dinner rush😅 You know what they say, ‘If you can’t fight them, then join them!!’ Everyday is like a live concert back in our kitchen! 🎸

*Dzung is definitely one of our many blessings at Be-Em’s….to our staffs and also to all of our customers! If you’re hooked on our wicked hibachi, savoring pho, tasty tacos, delis chicken wings, out-of-this-world kimchi fries, delectable lettuce wrap, the loudest ginger sauce, and world’s best spring rolls….then Dzung is the culprit behind it all! ✌🏼

*P.S Besides training new and uprising chefs like Charles, Dzung will also make time to do Justin’s hair during our down time! 😂 Welcome to a day in the life of our amazingly fabulous Head Chef, Dzung!

**P.S.S A preview of what Dzung made for lunch on Thursday: caramelized salmon and sweet/sour fish soup! I think I ate 3 bowls of rice that day, licked my bowl cleaned and even asked for togos for my late dinner at home! Yes, life was so perfect that Thursday afternoon! 🥰

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