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Vietnamese noodle soup | Aromatic beef broth with fresh rice noodles, topped w/ white onions, scallions, cilantro & served w/ a side of fresh herbs


Pho ga 12.50

Chicken breast


Pho tai nam 13.50

Beef brisket & filet


Pho tai bo vien 13.50

Filet & meatballs


Pho tai duoi bo 16.95

Oxtail & filet


Be em’s dac biet 14.75

Filet, meatballs & beef brisket


Be em’s pho tai suon bo 19.95

Short ribs & filet


+$3.50 chicken 

+$3.75 brisket 

+$3.50 shrimp 

+$3.75  filet 

+$3.95  meatballs

+$8.50 oxtail 

+$8.00  short ribs 

+$3.00 extra noodles

+$5.00 small pho broth

+$8.00  large pho broth

+$2.75 breadsticks (gio chao quay)



Customize your plate | All plates includes rice, vegetable, sweet carrots & shrimp sauce


Step 1: choose your protein

Tofu 9.50

Veggies 9

Chicken 10.29

Pork 10.29

Flounder 10.29

Shrimp 11.50

Steak 11.50

Shrimp kabobs 13.50

Salmon* 12.00

Scallops* 13.00

Filet mignon* 15.50


Combination Entrees (includes soup & salad for dine-in)

Chicken & shrimp 14.95

Shrimp & steak* 16.70

Scallops* & shrimp kabobs 18.56

Chicken & steak* 16.16

Filet mignon* & shrimp kabobs 20.56

Steak* & scallops* 17.56

Scallops & filet mignon 21.65


Step 2: choose your base


Steamed rice | fried rice | quinoa brown rice ($ 1.5)


Udon | lo mein


Spring mixed greens


Step 3: choose your veggies

Mixed veggies

Broccoli | zucchini | onions | carrots | mushrooms


Step 4: choose your sauce

Hibachi | teriyaki

(gluten-free soy sauce available)


+ $1.5 for caged-free fried egg



Be em’s signature bowl 13.95

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, spicy crab mix, avocado, scallion, cucumber, sesame & sweet chili


Crunchy california bowl 11.85

Crab stick, avocado, spicy crab mix, cucumber, tempura crunch

& eel sauce


Hawaiian poke tuna bowl 12.50

Ahi tuna, seaweed salad, avocado, pineapple, masago, sesame seed & poke sauce


King salmon bowl 12.50

Salmon, spicy crab mix, cilantro, cucumber, edamame, tempura flakes, masago, eel sauce & firecracker sauce


Korean bbq beef bowl 12.95

Marinated beef, fried egg, kim chi, sesame seed, crispy onion

& scallion



SHIO Ramen 11.49

Ramen noodles, soft boiled egg, kimchi, nori, corn, green onions, shallots and choice of grounded BEEF or CHICKEN.

Earthly Ramen 11.49Ramen noodles, mushroom, kimchi, nori, corn, green onions, shallots, and your choice of VEGAN SMOKED HAM or TOFU



Chicken 6.50

Pork 5.95

Flounder* 6.50

Shrimp 6.95

Filet mignon* 10.50

Steak* 7.25

Scallop* 7.95

Shrimp kabobs 8.00

Salmon* 9.50

Seiten Chicken 5.50

Shrimp sauce 4 oz. 1.00

Shrimp sauce 2 oz. 0.50

Teriyaki sauce 4 oz. 1.00

Teriyaki sauce 2 oz. 0.50

All other sauces 0.50

Sweet carrots 3.25

Mixed veggies 3.75

Grilled onions 3.00

Mushrooms 3.25

Zucchini 3.50

Broccoli 3.75

Waffle fries 3.99

Fried Rice 3.95

White Rice 3.00

Quinoa brown rice 3.50

Lo-mein 4.25

Udon noodles 4.50



It's Chocolate Cake 6.49

Just the simple, old fashioned chocolate cake…just how you’ve always loved it!

Wicked brownie cheesecake caramel 6.95

White chocolate cheesecake entwined with gooey pockets of salted dulce de leche caramel and scattered with deeply chocolate brownie bites. It’s wickedly delis!


Brown Sugar Crepe Cake w/ Salted Caramel Icecream 7.50

Soft and savory brown sugar flavored crepe with bobas in between layers. Served with a scoop of salted caramel's a Brown Sugar Heaven.

Green tea Korean fish ice cream 5.95

NO, it's not a fish flavored ice-cream! ;) It's ice-cream hidden inside a fish shaped wafer shell. A fun and delis treat...very IG worthy=) 


Rocky slide Brownie 5.95

Rich and chewy brownie topped with butter-lucious caramel, piled high with brownie cubes, toasted pecans and drizzled with caramel ganache. And we threw in a random macaron ….just because ;)



Soft drinks 2.39

Pepsi | diet pepsi | sierra mist | dr. Pepper | mountain dew | pink lemonade

Iced tea 2.39

Sweet | unsweet

Fresh coconut 6.50

Vietnamese coffee 16oz  5.50

Vietnamese coffee 24oz 6.75

Organic hot tea 4.50

Bottled water 2.00

Sparkling water 3.50



Cafe sua da  16oz 4.50 | 24oz 5.95

Creamy vietnamese coffee with sea salt crema

Dalgona Coffee Cold 5.50 | Hot 5.25

Tiktok whipped coffee: Coffee, sugar, milk

Brown sugar milk tea with boba 16oz 5.25 | 24oz 5.95

Milk, brown sugar, boba

Matcha milk tea 16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Premium matcha green tea, milk, boba

Lavender milk tea  16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Lavender flavored milk tea, boba

Thai milk tea  16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Sweet, creamy and rich thai tea

Classic house milk tea 16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Green tea, milk, boba

Taro milk tea  16oz 16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Delicious taro root (purple) tea

Coconut milk tea 16oz 4.95 | 24oz 5.75

Fresh, creamy, coconut milk-based tea



Tiramisu crema  16oz 5.95 | 24oz 6.65

Classic black milk tea topped with mousse crema and cocoa powder

Oreo cookies & cream  16oz 5.95 | 24oz 6.65

Roasted oolong milk tea topped with mousse crema and oreo cookies

Matcha strawberry latte  16oz 5.95 | 24oz 6.65

Premium matcha green tea infused with milk, fresh strawberry, and topped with mousse crema.


Strawberry bliss  16oz 4.75 | 24oz 5.95

Strawberry infused green tea with fresh fruits, jelly, and chia seeds

Lychee love  16oz 4.75 | 24oz 4.95

Lychee infused green tea with fresh fruits, jelly, and chia seeds

Mango crush  16oz 4.75 | 24oz 4.95

Mango infused green tea with fresh fruits, jelly, and chia seeds

Passion fruit blossom  16oz 4.75 | 24oz 4.95

Passion fruit seed infused green tea with fresh fruits, jelly, and chia seeds

Honeydew blitz  16oz 4.75 | 24oz 4.95

Honeydew infused green tea with fresh fruits, jelly, and chia seeds



Additional +$0.55

Aloe vera

Grass jelly

Rainbow jelly

Coffee jelly

Sea salt crema

Mung beans

Red beans

Honey boba

Mousse crema

Chia seeds


Be-em's spring rolls (2pcs) 4.25

4 – spice chicken & veggies, served w/ sweet chili sauce

Veggie spring rolls (2pcs) 4.00

Vegetable mix served w/ sweet chili sauce


Pan fried dumplings (4pcs) 4.50

Chicken | Vegetable

Shrimp shumai (4pcs) 5.75

Served w/soy vinaigrette

Crispy wonton bites (6pcs) 5.25

Cream cheese, crab, served w/sweet chili sauce

Korean Corn dog (1pcs) 5.95

Breading and mozzarella cheese fillings with choice of rice cake, fishcake, or potatoes



Onion soup 3.00

Mushroom & scallions


Miso soup 5.00

Miso, seaweed, scallions, tofu


Tempura udon noodle soup 8

Shrimp tempura, soft- boiled egg, scallions, toasted nori


House salad 3.00

Ginger dressing, ranch dressing or shrimp sauce


Seaweed salad 4 .50

Seasoned wakame



Be em’s famous wings 9.50

Savory soy | thai sweet chili | lemon pepper ( dry rub)


Kamikaze filet kim chi fries* 9.95

Crispy waffle fries topped w/ marinated filet, kim chi, cheese, cilantro & signature sauces


Steamed edamame 5.00

Sea salt | sweet chili


Sesame ahi tuna nachos* 9.95

Seared yellowfin tuna, avocado, wakame, spicy mayo & eel sauce, served w/ wonton crisps


Firecracker shrimp 9.95

Crispy shrimp tossed in our firecracker sauce, served w/ prawn chips


Koji karaage chicken 9.00

Crispy, breaded popcorn chicken, served w/ sweet chili sauce


Chicken lettuce wraps 9.50

Sautéed chicken, water chestnuts, crispy noodle served w/ iceberg lettuce & soy vinaigrette


Vietnamese street tacos ( 3 ) 9.95

Served w/ cucumbers, pickled carrots, jalapeños, cilantro & choice of meat:

Shrimp 9 | steak* 9 | chicken 8 | tofu 8

+$ 1 . 5 brown rice tortillas

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