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'I woke up today craving for Vegan Pho….then, I changed my mind but something inside of me said I must go to Be-em today!’

And she did!🥰

I love it when our customers read the books (all my favs) that I left out in our lounge area. Dari was soaking it all in, ‘The Humans of New York’!

Me (walked past Dari) : Have you ever heard of ‘The Humans of NY?’ (HONY)

Dari: Yes, but I’ve never seen it in the physical book form…kinda cool!

Me: Right !! I love HONY, and I love it so much that you’re actually enjoying it, too!🥰

Then we started talking about HONY and some of our fav series and stories from there. How stories telling is the best way to connect with each other as stories give us the freedom to choose what speaks to us instead of someone imposing a belief on us! Our children are especially drawn to stories and they learn and remember best thru stories (folktales, fairy tale, etc).

Then one thing led to another and we talked about ‘walking meditation’, how we both looked at each other and said it at the same time ‘A New Earth’ , how we should paint a mural on the wall facing Be-Em’s (another friend told me this exact idea 1 week ago😅) , and how we’ll make this shopping center the next IG’s worthy place…and get this …..Dari is a Mural artist!

So, we walked outside to our patio and started envisioning how this new mural should be and how it should look ….as if today is the big day…as if this major project been approved by our landlord and the city!🤣

Hmmmm…what an amazing day at work if you must ask! Ok, someone please show me how to convince my landlord to make it happen soon…maybe right in time for the debut of our FoodTruck! 🚚🌈

‘Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.’

— Amadeus Wolfe

P.S don’t forget to follow @daricalamari for all her amazing works 🥰Oh, and this is our first encounter ever…random/amazing encounters like this make life so colorful and full of 🌈, don’t you think!

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